"Opening" is a project of the PRO LIBRIS Foundation, under the "Socially Engaged Arts" program, and is implemented with the financial support of the National Culture Fund. Eleven Bulgarian and one Ukrainian poster artists come together in this project to show through their art the different faces of a complex social problem and a personal tragedy for many people.

The book from stone to pixel
The interactive exhibition "The Book - From the Stone to the Pixel" offers the public an encounter with the book and its transformation over the centuries, where the expressive means of fine art and design are interesting facts related to the development of the art of the book through the various historical periods are shown periods: from antiquity, through antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Enlightenment, modernism to modernity. The theme of the 2022 exhibition is Book Body and Binding.

Cultural route "Main Street"
There are not many places in the world, if there are any, where you can see such an accumulation of different layers of civilization in such a narrow place as on Plovdiv's Main Street.

Cultural route "Read the city"
Through the expressive means of visual communication, based on selection of samples of various inscriptions visible in the urban environment of Plovdiv, the authors of the project will create a cultural route. He will be provided with a web application equipped with an illustrated map and interactive links to each of the objects. With the help of this virtual guide, guests and the citizens of Plovdiv will touch the centuries-old history of the city.

Plovdiv Print
The Plovdiv Print project is part of the cultural program of Plovdiv-European Capital of Culture 2019.

Beautiful Letters
The project "Beautiful Letters" is part of the cultural program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019 is funded by OF "Plovdiv 2019". It provokes young people to rediscover the pleasure of handwriting and to learn more about letters as an object of art, to learn about the different ways, tools and ways of writing, as well as to participate in calligraphy workshops. For this purpose, the authors of the project create a methodological manual that will be a practical support for the participants.

mathematics for adults
The Mathematics for Adults project is funded by the Erasmus + program.

The great Europeans
The first book in the series "The Great Europeans" is based on the program of the same name, broadcast on Radio Plovdiv and BNR, where journalist Plamen Assenov has been introducing the audience to important figures in European history, politics, science, art, culture and social life for four years. The radio portraits are adapted for the purposes of the publication and are illustrated by the artist Alexander Gyoshev. "Great Europeans" aims to reach the widest possible audience, but seeks contact mostly with young people and the middle generation who are not part of the radio listeners.

Eight story roads and eight experimental workshops in 2018
In 2018 Pro Libris is a partner in an international project under the program "Europe for Citizens" - "Eight story roads and eight experimental workshops in 2018". The project is a traveling interactive multimedia installation in the open air / parallel to the workshop /, which is implemented in 7 European countries (CZ, SK, DK, PL, HU, BG, DE).